Over the years of our Drewbiedom, we’ve compiled hundreds of trivia tidbits on Drew Barrymore. We’ve put together some of the most unique & interesting ones for you to enjoy! This section will continuously be added to over time.


• had her first crushes on Ted Koppel, Darth Vader, and Elvis Presley

• liked The Incredible Hulk and Superman tv shows as a child

with Spotty the horse

• had a stained glass portrait of her face done at age 6 by her maternal grandfather

•was scared but fascinated by the birds of paradise plants that grew on the side of her house as a child

• first tried sushi at age 7 with Steven Spielberg

• received a Ms. PacMan machine from Steven Spielberg as a Christmas gift in the early 1980s

• loved to feed a horse named Spotty in New York’s Central Park as a child

• dyed her hair for the first time at age 8, to a lighter shade of blonde for Irreconcilable Differences

• had a Pippi Longstocking poster in her room as a child

dance class

• wanted a sparkly purple convertible when she was younger

• was in dance class with Christina Applegate as children

• took karate classes in 1984

• was afraid of Big Bird as a child

• was known by her friends and classmates as a child for her imitations of Charlie Chaplin, Judy Garland, Faye Dunaway, and Cyndi Lauper

with Jones the chimpanzee

• was writing a screenplay called Kim in 1984, a serious drama about a little girl and her mother, in which she would play the mother

• was given a stuffed chimpanzee named Jones by Steven Spielberg when she had the chicken pox

• had her first kiss with Breckin Meyer, and her mom helped get him started with acting

• “dated” Stephen Dorff in third grade

• was given glow-in-the-dark rosary beads by Billy Idol the first time they met at the Limelight when she was a child, and she told him her favorite song of his was “Flesh for Fantasy”

• decorated a Christmas tree with tiny teddy bears for a Special Olympics auction in 1984, which was purchased by auction emcee Harvey Feirstein for $225

with Melissa

• grew up near an avocado tree that she wanted to be buried under, (ala Annie’s pear tree in Foxes) so her friends could come and eat her every year

• taught Melissa Joan Hart how to swim in a hotel pool when they were filming The Adventures of Con Sawyer & Hucklemary Finn

• fell down flight of stairs in 1986 after tripping over her cat; her braces cut through her cheek & she had to cancel a babysitting job

• spent many summers at Sophia Loren’s family ranch as an adolescent

• kissed a boy in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland and their braces got locked together

• had an orange cat named Kiwi Bear and a gray cat named Boo-Boo-Bear Kitty when she was 12

• was interested in design and made a skirt out of safety pins

Paulina photos on the wall

• plastered her adolescent bedroom walls with photos of model Paulina Porizkova

• got multiple piercings in each ear in the 80s but almost always leaves the top ones empty

• made a list of potential children’s names at age 13 that included Spirit and Daisy

• had a horse named Mocha Bailey as a teenager

• bought her first Polaroid camera around age 14

• appeared on the flyer for Brent Bolthouse’s first club Papa Willy

• celebrated her 15th birthday at a private club called the Grotto that was co-run by Donovan Leitch

• worked at a coffee house called the Living Room after being emancipated from her mother

• wanted the part in Pump Up the Volume that eventually went to Samantha Mathis

• said in 1991 that cranberry juice was the one thing always in her fridge

• claimed her favorite thing in the whole world is rain, besides “bumping carts in the supermarket”

• bought a house in 1991 and shared her king size bed with 2 friends

• visited the set of Steven Spielberg’s movie Hook the same day as Carrie Fisher and Paul Reubens

Elle 1991

• had her Poison Ivy hair roots covered with makeup for a 1991 Elle magazine photo shoot

• was inspired by Patsy Kensit’s hair in the movie Twenty-One and chopped off her own hair before her second audition for Guncrazy

• played Gameboy with supermodel Linda Evangelista in a Paris airport coming home from Cannes in 1992

• was passed over for what would become Winona Ryder’s roles in Beetlejuice, Heathers, Great Balls of Fire, Edward Scissorhands, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula

• idolized Ariel from The Little Mermaid

• owned a pit bull terrier named Love with Jamie Walters

• was given an Armani suit from Steven Spielberg for her 18th birthday

• celebrated her 18th birthday playing miniature golf with friends

"James" tattoo

• has a tattoo on her back that used to say “James” for Jamie Walters, but the letters bled together and became illegible after they broke up

• used to play pinball at 7-Eleven in 1993

• was broken out in hives from an allergic reaction the day she met the photographer for the Guess campaign

• used to drive a black Bronco with a daisy sticker on it and stuffed animals on the dashboard in the early 90s

• lit a candle & prayed for River Phoenix when she found out he died

• was reportedly offered a role on Beverly Hills 90210 after Shannon Doherty left the show

• appears in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it photo in the Beastie Boys 1994 video for “Sure Shot”

as Holly in Boys on the Side

• had the script for Boys on the Side brought to her attention by Whoopi Goldberg

• stopped wearing a watch & carried a lunchbox as a purse while getting in character as Holly for Boys on the Side

• temporarily lived with director Tamra Davis & her husband Mike D of the Beastie Boys

• collected old lunchboxes in the mid-1990s

with Nancy

• met business partner Nancy Juvonen in 1994 while filming Mad Love, on which Nancy’s brother was an assistant to one of the producers, and three weeks later, she dared Nancy to move to LA to start Flower Films

• kissed the ground when she returned to LA from the 1995 cruise where she infamously jumped off the ship

• turned down the lead role in Showgirls but was given an homage in the movie in the form of her name on a mirror

• said Spider-Man was her favorite superhero

• used to constantly wear a beaded necklace in 1995 that spelled out the word “DAISY”

• received 10 acres of Brazilian rainforest from her agent and lawyer for her 20th birthday

• fantasied about living in the country and making fresh jam in Mason jars

• took home a test polaroid from her photo shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth for i-D magazine as a gift for then-boyfriend Eric Erlandson

• nicknamed Eric Erlandson “String Bean”

• became officially divorced from Jeremy Thomas two days after her flashing stunt on David Letterman

Rolling Stone 1995

• named her Boy Scouts character in the Rolling Stone 1995 photoshoot “Lola”

• sent flowers and a poem to journalist Chris Mundy after he interviewed her for Rolling Stone in 1995

• said in 1995 that she wanted to name her first born daughter Ruby Daffodil

• watched Melrose Place religiously and her favorite character was Sydney

• once dreamed the ingredients for a pasta Mediterranean recipe

with Ed filming Everyone Says I Love You

• rented a U-Haul and furnished it with a couch & candles when she was denied a trailer on the set of the low budget Wishful Thinking

• shared an apartment with Edward Norton in New York after they filmed Everyone Says I Love You

• did an MTV Rock the Vote commercial with David Spade in 1996

• had a tonsillectomy at age 21

• came up with the idea to film her scene in Scream barefoot

• has played 3 different characters named Casey

• used a hemp wallet with an embroidered mushroom in 1996

• went to Dollywood during her RV cross country road trip with Nancy Juvonen and got a necklace bearing her Home Fries character Sally’s name

• once pulled over to check out a roadside snake & spider attraction in Texas, where she touched a tarantula despite her fear of spiders

• sang “A Sunday Kind of Love” with Liv Tyler in the bathroom at the premiere of Everyone Says I Love You

• was set to star in Woody Allen’s Celebrity, but had to give the role over to Winona Ryder due to scheduling conflicts with Ever After

• had a hard time convincing the studio to let her “Cinderella” be a brunette in Ever After

Ever After slippers

• often slipped out of her glass slippers on the set of Ever After due to the fact that they were backless

• threw a Halloween party on the set of Ever After

• kept an original draft of the script for Ever After in a special box she had for all the things that meant the most to her

• sang karaoke with a stranger in Jamaica after having too many drinks called “Bob Marleys”

• had a Hungry Hungry Hippos game in her Flower Films office

• wore an Otter Pops watch to the 1998 Kids’ Choice Awards

• kicked off her shoes & hung out on a 130 square foot canopy bed at the Florence Ever After party

• used to consider herself a closet rave music fanatic

• had a dream she was one of the Spice Girls and didn’t know any of the songs or dances

with Luke

• spent a few Christmases with Luke Wilson & his family in Texas

• said one of her favorite possessions was a jukebox given to her by Adam Sandler that played Otis Redding’s “That’s How Strong My Love Is”

• had a pin bearing tragedy & comedy masks that her grandmother Dolores used to wear, even though they have always freaked her out

• won lunch at restaurant Hamburger Hamlet by calling in to a radio station that only played The Beatles

• took a solo trip to Hawaii in 1999 where a frog peed on her hand

• put together an 80 minute montage of clips from movies like Lost in America, The Jerk, The Red Balloon, and Raging Bull to demonstrate the tone she was hoping to achieve with Charlie’s Angels

• bought a bunch of lobsters and freed them into the ocean with Tom Green on one of their first dates

cartwheeling at ShoWest

• did a cartwheel onstage when she accepted her 2000 ShoWest Comedy Star of the Year award

• went skydiving with Tom Green, Cameron Diaz, and Jared Leto after filming of Charlie’s Angels wrapped

• swam with sharks in Bora Bora

• put love letters from Tom Green on the walls of her New York loft while filming Riding in Cars with Boys

• was the subject of a course at Ohio’s Oberlin College

• had Frances Bean Cobain as her flower girl for her wedding to Tom Green

• used to think she wouldn’t live past the age of 25

• began shooting on Confessions of a Dangerous Mind the same day that her divorce from Tom Green was announced

• was given a blown up photo of herself surfing while in Hawaii for filming of 50 First Dates

• was introduced to Justin Long by Sam Rockwell at the Playboy Mansion Halloween party, where they gave each other the nicknames Whiskey Vargas and Chuckles McGee

• kept her first gray hair in a labeled plastic baggy

• said her favorite color was the rainbow because she loves all colors

• listened to Marilyn Monroe’s songs while preparing for her singing in Lucky You

at Gucci's wedding

• celebrated her 30th birthday with a weeklong celebration in Palm Springs

• gave Fabrizio Moretti an x-ray of her heart when they were dating

• at age 30, had a Post-it note on her window that said, “Stop and smell the roses”

• was a bridesmaid in makeup artist Gucci Westman’s wedding

• sewed a plaid dress on the set of Music and Lyrics for a Project Runway style contest

• shot the Missoni campaign in Ibiza, Spain

• went with Lucky You director Curtis Hanson to a showing of her grandfather’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on Halloween 2006

• had her hair styled by Orlando Pita for both the 1993 Guess and 2007 CoverGirl campaign shoots

• studied Katharine Hepburn’s voice throughout all the different years of her life while preparing for her character’s aging in Grey Gardens

• set a scene in Whip It between Ellen Page and Alia Shawkat in a blue tile bathroom as a tribute to a similar scene in Martin Scorsese’s film Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

• has worked with actor Andrew Wilson (brother of her ex Luke) in 5 movies

• bought the Mickey Mouse sweatshirt she wore during her photo shoot for Pop in 2008

• was given a compass by Will early in their relationship that she kept on an altar of special trinkets

Neiman Marcus shoot

• donated her fee for doing the Neiman Marcus campaign to the World Food Programme

• considered Midnight in Paris to be her favorite movie of 2011

• bought an old red bicycle with the words “free spirit” written across its side

• has a World Food Programme apron she proudly hangs in her kitchen

• had an artist creating silhouette portraits of guests at her wedding to Will Kopelman

• planted an herb garden in her backyard when she was pregnant with Olive

• put her red cowgirl hat from E.T. in baby Olive’s nursery

• spent many summers in Nantucket, MA with Will’s family

• had her singing voice dubbed in Everyone Says I Love You, but used her real voice to perform songs that were included on the soundtracks for Lucky You, Music and Lyrics, Grey Gardens, and Blended

with Ellen

• has done more than 10 shoots each with photographers Ellen Von Unwerth & Mark Seliger

• once sent a friend a chicken suit-wearing singing telegram for his birthday

• used Billie Eilish’s “Everything I Wanted” as her wake up alarm for 3 years

• can’t stand when toilet paper comes off the roll one square at a time

• hates the sound of a ticking clock

• considers her back to be her best physical asset

• says her least favorite chore is vacuuming

• loves to go on vacations with all her closest friends during the holidays

drinking iced tea

• constantly drinks iced tea

• collects dictionaries and vintage typewriters

• compulsively plays with her hair

• loves to write and draw on herself

• has filled dozens of journals over the course of her entire life

• has always considered herself to be a terrible driver

• has a lifelong obsession with Lolita and always wished she could’ve played the role

blowing smoke rings

• suffers from chronic insomnia

• can blow perfect smoke rings

• is known to be an generous tipper at restaurants

• has long been interested in interior design

• is excellent at stain removal

• has been inspired by the philanthropic work done by Audrey Hepburn, Shirley Temple, and Elizabeth Taylor

• shops at flea markets


• kisses her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for good luck whenever she passes it

• often draws a heart with her autograph

• appreciates that her mom instilled a love of reading books in her

• loves In-N-Out Burger

• enjoys drinking a cold Tecate beer

reading The Week

• is repulsed by white sporty tennis shoes on guys

• regularly reads The Week magazine

• has long loved poetry by e.e. cummings, specifically “it may not always be so; and i say”

• has been a long time regular patron of the New York restaurant Shopsin’s

• hates goat cheese

• has had 14 different People magazine cover features

• considers “Paul Revere” by the Beastie Boys her go-to karaoke song

• often wears her tee shirts inside out

Halloween 2008

• considers 2 & 22 her lucky numbers due to her birthday and often uses them in her movies

• would like to collaborate with Sacha Baron Cohen

• loves to dress up for Halloween and her past costumes have included a crayon, a fairy, Tippi Hedron in The Birds, and Glinda from The Wizard of Oz

• hates trying on clothes in stores

• considers cheesecake her number one favorite dessert

• loves to play board games, especially Taboo, Scattergories, and Cranium

• frequently quotes from the movie Mommie Dearest

• enjoys doing silly dances to make her friends laugh

• loves Barbra Streisand’s hair in the movie What’s Up Doc

• loves to send and receive snail mail

• frequently uses the music identification app Shazam

• writes down “a-ha moments” from therapy on note cards & puts them on her closet walls

• considers Helvetica her favorite font

• currently has 12 tattoos: flowers on left hip, a cross with ivy & rose on right ankle, a crescent moon on her big right toe, a group of 3 cherubs holding a cross with her mom’s name on her right lower back, a cherub holding a banner that says James on her middle lower back, a butterfly under her belly button, a bird on the inside of her right arm, the word “BREATHE” on her left forearm, her daughters’ names on the inside of her right wrist, the phrase “home is where we are” right above that, a set of 3 outlined sardines on her left forearm, and the phrase “I AM HUMAN” on her right forearm.

All facts & information compiled from various sources by The Drewseum and accurate to the best of our knowledge.
Inspired by Missy Munday’s “Kooky Facts” from her former Drew Barrymore fan sites.
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