The Drewseum…

… is essentially a virtual Drew Barrymore museum. It’s a collection compiled by a pair of Drew Barrymore fans who have her to thank for their friendship. It’s meant to create a welcoming atmosphere to long-time collectors of Ms. Barrymore and newbie Drewbies who are trying to get a glimpse of what’s out there. But we wouldn’t resist letting any person who’s interested through the door.

… doesn’t pride itself on being a complete collection, which would never even be possible. That would take the efforts of every drewbie around the world and then some. Even at the existing status, the quality of some items may be satisfactory at best and need to be replaced, but they’re still a part of our collection and cherished just the same.

… isn’t a guide to collecting Drew Barrymore memorabilia or a catalogue of every magazine Drew Barrymore has graced, but rather a display of the pieces we’ve personally come across and tossed into our bag of loot.

… is not a gallery of high quality scans or photographs. Because we’re an archive, we decided the images should be small for convenience sake.

… is our wish come true. Collecting and archiving is our tangible attempt to ensure Drew’s impact is preserved, something that collectors of classic stars have mastered.

… has expanded & grown beyond just being a showcase of our collection. We now can be considered the best source of Drew Barrymore information to be found on the web!