How Do You Drew is a Drew Barrymore podcast from Anne & Ashley, the fans and friends behind The Drewseum! We’re using our 25 years of Drewbie experience to discuss both Drew’s personal life and professional career, covering a wide variety of episode topics. Also on every episode we update you on What’s New with Drew and toss in fun segments like our selected Drewism of the Week and This Week in Drew Barrymore History. New episodes are released every Drewsday, wherever you listen to podcasts!

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Episode 032 – Year in Review: 1992
March 28, 2023
We discuss the big comeback year of Drew’s career.

Episode 031 – Mad Love
March 21, 2023
We’re hitting the road to discuss this Drewbie fave flick from 1995.

Episode 030 – Drewsflash!
March 14, 2023
We introduce our first mini episode updating you on the latest with Drew!

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“Listening to you guys has been such a joy. I’ve learned so much about Drew and her little world over the past few months. It’s so refreshing to hear 2 friends who are so knowledgeable and passionate about something they care so much about. Your excitement comes through with everything you say.  I especially love and appreciate how dedicated to accuracy you guys are, down to the littlest detail.”

“I literally stumbled upon your podcast. Drew is such a bright light and has been a huge inspiration to me and I was so excited to see your podcast dedicated to her. I just listened to an episode and I love you guys! Will definitely be keeping up and spreading the word.”

“I keep meaning to let you guys know how much I loooooved the first ep! I can’t wait to sit down and listen to the others. I’m so impressed by / in love with what you two are doing! I love that your decades-long Drew journey has led to this! It was so meant to be and the world absolutely needs it!”


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7 thoughts on “How Do You Drew Podcast

      1. Hey, Christian from IG here (in case you don’t know, I’m the one who “constantly” sends DMs on IG, and who sent the seemingly only existing footage of Con Sawyer through DM). Wish that you’ll stream this podcast sometime, you guys deserve it after more than 20 years of Drewbiedom. As a young fan of Drew, we love to listen to your takes of Drew encounters.

      2. Hi ladies,

        Fellow Drewbie here (back when the Drew Barrymore collective was active) Congratulations on the podcast, have been following The Drewseum for a long time now. Loving the episodes so far, currently on ep 3. Look forward to more ❤️


  1. Awww The Episodes Are Fantastic!!!! You Guys Fill In The Gaps Of Knowledge, And I Appreciate All The Effort Gone Into Making This. Love it!!!!! On The Edge Waiting For The Next One…..!!!!!!

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