Drew Loves

In February 2023, we debuted a new segment on the podcast called Drew Loves. It is devoted to reporting on the things Drew Barrymore has declared her love for that we compile from both old and new sources each week. We’ve collected them all for your reference here!

Episode 25: a romcom, lunar new year, cottage cheese, Panko bread crumbs, mixed metals, drooling, a “shreddy letty” (shredded lettuce), Pictionary, a mirepoix, saffron, a clam juice & a fish sauce, some Elijah Wood, Monty Python, a strawberry blonde & a redhead, paper

Episode 26: Michaels, LL Cool J, a capuchin monkey, ballet, going with her kids to movie theaters, potatoes, real estate, cornhole, the Dominican Republic, a good funky man smell

Episode 27: Jamie Oliver, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Sarah Snook, 90210, eating alone, a sesame oil, the puppy bowl

Episode 28: sourdough, Eminem, surprises, Rachel Dratch, quirky everything, banana bread, a food pusher, a hat, a tighty whitey on a man

Episode 29: a mini whisk, a periodic table, jet skiing, noodles, a fresh herb, People magazine, a “Juicy Lucy” (burger stuffed with cheese)

Episode 30: a wild, wacky game, the website Byrdie, all things design, french onion soup, spicy, shrimp & corn, tajin, women that get better every single year, her 2000 Oscars dress, the journey of life & every single thing in it

Episode 32: a good hiss, when someone kicks it old school & asks for an autograph, a mash (like one made from vegetables), Quentin Tarantino, scallions, cilantro, roller coasters, Pedro Pascal, a fanny pack, tie dye, snooze (on an alarm), Mondays, soul food, the game Taboo

Episode 33: lemon zest, New York city and state, the movie 27 Dresses, a throuple, the game of Bingo, the scent of dill

Episode 34: getting people’s recommendations on things, cats, a pecan or a walnut as a meat substitute, a deep clean, a crop (top) on a man, fun facts about people, onions on her bagel, tear sheets from magazines, having a boss

Episode 35: a sunny side up, Marie Callendars, the Hayley Mills Parent Trap, nachos, games, a roller ball, a good lob off (hair cut), a good Morse code machine

Episode 36: the texture of cucumbers, illegal tattooing, the smell of onions because it reminds her of the smell of a boyfriend’s tee shirt, an edible flower, lemon, funk, breakfast for dinner, an independent bookstore, a kick in her food & a mocktail with spice in it, hoisin sauce, a cheese blintz, shallots

Episode 38:  a cutting board, cherries, a fan, The Weeknd, honey, a zest

Episode 39: dumplings, yuzu, starting her day by pulling word cards (from Elena Brower’s deck), packaging design & visual language, getting to eat outside

Episode 40: honey, cumin, saffron, cracked black pepper, cookbooks, creamy pasta, making soups & having soup for breakfast, seeing the world, being a curator, creating her own opportunities, rice, all noodles in every single shape and size, the Cholula (hot sauce), loading up on cheese and carbs some days, heat and spice, to use her fish spatula, a good steak once in awhile, a costume party and a themed party, holidays, a game at a dinner party, busying people, shrimp, the idea of a gratin anything, a good fresh crunch

Episode 41: a novelty sock, Gwyneth Paltrow

Episode 43: a huddle

Episode 45: perching birdies, peanut butter, coconuts and the water that comes from the middle, eating in bed, eating on her couch

Episode 47: love letters, being in service

Episode 50: wearing both hats (creative & business), the term “hard launch”, how designers make everything look so finished, a drapey silk blouse, exhibition posters, round ball knobs

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