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“Listening to you guys has been such a joy. I’ve learned so much about Drew and her little world over the past few months. It’s so refreshing to hear 2 friends who are so knowledgeable and passionate about something they care so much about. Your excitement comes through with everything you say.  I especially love and appreciate how dedicated to accuracy you guys are, down to the littlest detail.”

“I just found your podcast yesterday. I’m excited that I have a year’s worth of content to catch up on! You two exude Drew qualities to me, both sound sweet, positive, and funny.  I am so looking forward to binge listen to your podcast! Loving it so far. I feel like I found my long lost people.”

“I literally stumbled upon your podcast. Drew is such a bright light and has been a huge inspiration to me and I was so excited to see your podcast dedicated to her. I just listened to an episode and I love you guys! Will definitely be keeping up and spreading the word.”

“I keep meaning to let you guys know how much I loooooved the first ep! I can’t wait to sit down and listen to the others. I’m so impressed by / in love with what you two are doing! I love that your decades-long Drew journey has led to this! It was so meant to be and the world absolutely needs it!”

“As a fellow forever Drew fan, I’ve been a fan of the Drewseum forever, and was so happy when they launched the pod! Any time I need a Drew Q answered, I always know where to turn. Love you ladies!!”

“The original source of Drew Barrymore fandom and information! Love these two!!”

“If you love Drew and want to hang out with her, I suggest everyone visit this podcast. It feels like you really know her and like she’s just next to you. They light up my drewbie heart!”

“As a long time Drewbie from Australia this podcast is so informative and a great resource for Drew fans! You guys are a wealth of knowledge and lovely to listen to!”

“I love listening every “Drewsday” and have been a longtime follower of Ashley and Anne via the Drewseum website and Instagram page, so it’s lovely to have voices to put with the content and I feel like I’ve already known you both for a long time based solely on our mutual Drewbie-dom. I’m loving all of the episodes so far, keep up the great work!”

“This podcast is a joy to listen to as the dynamic duo behind the Drewseum dig out the receipts, clippings, features and memorabilia as they host weekly episodes on every aspects of Drew’s career and life, supplemented by their over 25 years of being Drew fans and best friends! They can give a unique insight into being a Drew fan then and now, as so many new fans love Drew’s award winning show and want to find out more – this is the podcast to listen to!”

“Definitely enjoyed reliving these cherished memories through your podcast. THANK YOU!!”

“Anne & Ashley talk about Drew like an old friend which is perfect because that’s the way I feel about her.”

“I admire what you guys have done with the podcast. You just made it happen. You’re doing it in a professional manner, but your passion, love and joy giving us this pod can be felt through the airwaves.”

“If you love the shiny happy daisy that is Drew Barrymore, this podcast is for you! Drew archivists Ash and Anne (from the Drewseum) have an encyclopaedic knowledge about all things Drew. Their true friendship shines through every episode, and they exude the kindness, friendliness, and all around happiness that Drew puts out into the world.”

“Never felt more in love with a podcast before, it’s a blessing to listen to for us Drewbies.”

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  1. Finally back listening to you ladies after a long hiatus, cos you know life I have a lot to catch up on. Keep up the great work ❤️

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