Flower Films Memorabilia

Over the years, we’ve had a nice association with the people at Drew Barrymore’s production company Flower Films. This section contains items we’ve been lucky enough to either be given or have acquired, all pertaining to Flower. We’ve also included some magazine features on the staff and offices.

company Christmas cards

miscellaneous memorabilia

congratulatory ads

spring 2007 V feature on the staff of Flower Films

April 2008 Domino feature on Flower Films’ offices

winter 2008 Hollywood Life feature on Flower Films

March 2009 Glamour feature on Chris Miller

May 2012 C (California Style) feature on Chris Miller

2 thoughts on “Flower Films

  1. Dear Miss Barrymore,
    We ar bigs of your accomplishments in the entertainment industry.
    We have a script for a one hour TV show that is in dialog.
    We would love to send it to you for consideration.
    Do you accept scripts?

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