In February 2001, misfortune struck when Drew’s house caught on fire. The barks of Flossy allowed Drew and fiancé Tom Green to escape unharmed, but she lost many belongings along with her home. Always the optimist, Drew tried to look at the incident as a fresh start and turned her attention to planning her wedding to Tom. The two were married on July 7, 2001 on an oceanside cliff in Malibu with all of their closest friends and family in attendance. Sadly the union would not last much longer than her previous marriage; Tom filed for divorce in December of that same year.

In October, Donnie Darko and Riding in Cars with Boys were released a week apart. The former only received a limited release and barely registered at the box office, but went on to become a widely respected cult classic. Drew’s hard work on Riding in Cars with Boys paid off when her performance was critically very well received. She next began filming another role she had long sought after in George Clooney’s directorial debut Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, opposite her Charlie’s Angels co-star Sam Rockwell. She simultaneously lensed the dark comedy Duplex with Ben Stiller, on which Flower shared producing responsibilities with Ben’s production company. Meanwhile, Drew celebrated the 20th anniversary of E.T., which was re-released in theaters all over the world to commemorate the legacy of the lovable alien. She also purchased a new home in the Hollywood hills with a colorful history that included temporarily housing the members of her favorite band, The Beatles.

Also in 2002, Drew met Fabrizio Moretti, the drummer of the band The Strokes. The two quickly became an item and they remained attached for several years. It wasn’t long before false engagement rumors started circulating. Before the year was over, Drew, Cameron, Lucy, McG, and Flower jumped back into Charlie’s Angels gear as they filmed its big-budget sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Promotion for the film took the angels all around the world and they graced the covers of magazines for months in preparation for the release. Although the wildly fun sequel wasn’t as successful as the first film, it remains an exciting experience for Drew in the action movie genre.

Drew also re-teamed with Adam Sandler for the romantic comedy 50 First Dates which they filmed in Hawaii. Once again, their chemistry worked box office magic and the movie was a gigantic hit. On February 3, 2004, just prior to its release, Drew was finally honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her nearly 30 years in the business. Fab, Nancy, and Chris were all in attendance at the ceremony and Sony Pictures chairman Amy Pascal gave a wonderful speech about Drew’s contribution to the industry over the years. Drew was touched to be in the company of her 5 relatives who also have stars, as well as the proximity to her grandfather’s profile in the cement in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

That same year, Drew decided to educate herself and young people about the voting process through directing the documentary The Best Place to Start. It aired on MTV as part of their Choose or Lose program to encourage youth voting. Shortly following, she and good friend Jimmy Fallon filmed Fever Pitch. During filming, Drew’s father passed away at the age of 72. In the months prior, she had been visiting him in a Santa Monica hospital with Fab by her side. She later spoke about their reconciliation, explaining how she had finally gotten closure and the knowledge that he was proud of her.

The following year, Drew was honored with the Distinguished Decade in Film award at ShoWest and Fever Pitch was released in theaters. A long way from Miu Miu in 1995, she became the face of two other major company’s campaigns. She appeared in ads for Lancome makeup in department stores and magazines through spring and fall, and also starred in commercials for Baskin Robbins ice cream which aired in Korea. The same year, she filmed the Las Vegas gambling drama Lucky You and made a brief appearance in the heartwarming documentary My Date with Drew. The documentary featured a life-long fan of Drew’s jumping through hoops to get a date with the actress. Throughout the year, she was spotted supporting Fab’s band The Strokes at several concerts despite her busy schedule. She also took her first of many trips to Africa at the end of this year, beginning a journey towards what would become her most passionate cause.

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