In early 2016, it was announced that Drew had signed on to star in a Netflix original series entitled Santa Clarita Diet, her first time starring in a TV series since 1992’s 2000 Malibu Road. She and Flower Films were set to produce along with her co-star Timothy Olyphant. Little was known about the show and the filming was kept under wraps over the course of the summer. Before filming began, in April, it was revealed that Drew and Will were divorcing. Drew would later say that this was one of the darkest and most difficult times of her life. Regardless, she and Will were still committed to remaining a family for their girls. In fact, a short time later, Drew guest starred on Odd Mom Out, the show created by and starring Will’s sister Jill. Drew remains close with the Kopelman family to this day.

March 2017 saw the debut of Santa Clarita Diet, in which Drew plays an undead wife and mother with a hunger for human flesh! She shared that playing the strong and confident Sheila helped lift her up post-divorce. Drew continued to promote her many brands, including the release of a Barrymore Wines rosé, new FLOWER Beauty products, and a newspaper called Flower Press. She also partnered with Crocs as part of their “Come As You Are” campaign. Always the busy bee, she added one more project to her slate—a clothing and accessory line called Dear Drew. The brand was sold through Amazon as well as a darling pop-up store in NYC.

2018 was a fairly quiet year in Drew’s professional life. She spent her time promoting Dear Drew and creating a lot of content for Flower Beauty—particularly with makeup and beauty influencers. She appeared on some of their YouTube channels and organized trips and events with them as guests. The second season of Santa Clarita Diet was released on Netflix, much to the excitement of the many fans the show garnered. This same year, Drew quietly sold her longtime Los Angeles home to make the full time move to New York to be closer to Will’s family.

She wrapped up the year filming the third and final season of Santa Clarita Diet, which premiered in March 2019. Simultaneously, she was appearing on TV screens as a judge on The World’s Best —a talent competition show—alongside RuPaul and Faith Hill. Flower brands continued to expand with the introduction of Flower Home—a home decor line exclusively at Walmart that reflected Drew’s passion for interior design in its fun & stylish items. Drew finished out the year by filming dual roles in The Stand-In. Although it was a Flower Films production, Drew did not promote its on-demand release in late 2020.

The next few years saw Drew branching out into many new endeavors. Rumors were swirling that she may host her own talk show and The Drew Barrymore Show debuted in September 2020. Because the show launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, Drew and her team found innovative ways to work around the restrictions through virtual guests and audiences. That same month, Flower Hair Tools hit shelves, a rebrand of Dear Drew hair tools. Early the next year, she released Beautiful—a line of kitchenware & appliances, and the aptly titled DREW—her very own quarterly magazine. She then merged her two passions with the release of Rebel Homemaker—a cookbook co-authored with her “culinary partner in crime” Chef Pilar Valdes and Drew’s 4th book. She also partnered with companies like Grove Collaborative and Quorn on products she believed in. And during all this, she continued to host and produce 3 seasons of her increasingly successful daily talk show!

Though only in her late 40s, Drew Barrymore has experienced more than most will in a lifetime. From child star to troubled teen; from comeback kid to America’s sweetheart; from free spirit to mother of two: her many evolutions have made her the incredible woman she is. Drew is admired for her positivity despite what her past dealt her, a past that keeps her grounded. Yet, her modesty prevails. For someone who has been in the public eye for nearly her entire life, her grace and professionalism remain intact. Knowing Drew, she’ll continue to grow and share her many talents with the world for years to come.

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