Fishnet Flix

Amazing fashion-in-film podcast Fishnet Flix features Drew Barrymore movies every year for their “Drew-cember” episodes. In 2021, they kicked things off with The Drewseum’s Ashley as a guest to discuss Ever After! In addition to the Cinderella story, we also talked about collecting Drew magazines, Scream, The Drew Barrymore show, her past relationships, and more.

Big thanks to hosts Marie and Blaire for including us in this fun conversation and looking forward to future collaborations!

One thought on “Fishnet Flix

  1. congrats Ashley, this is so fun to see The Drewseum branch out with your Drew knowledge! Am looking into getting a transcript made so I can follow along, gotta know the mag collecting anecdotes and scream love, of course! (Pffff they should fly you out with your Scream rarities for the Drew episode with the cast in January!)

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