Episode 002 – Year in Review: 1998, Part 2

August 23, 2022
In our second episode, we wrap up talking about the second half of the year 1998. Drew Barrymore continued to be constantly seen in magazines and on tv, while she promoted Ever After and Home Fries! We also share the history of The Drewseum, wonder about the status of her on/off again with Luke Wilson that year, and reminisce fondly about collecting Ever After promotional postcards.

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One thought on “Episode 002 – Year in Review: 1998, Part 2

  1. OMG!!! okay, not to sound creepy, but i LOVED getting the chance to see inside your rooms as teenagers! (lol) it is so surreal, i had almost the same exact set up as both of you! you guys were so perfectly neat and tidy about it, that’s the only difference lol. these are so much fun!! keep it up!

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