Episode 003 – Rolling Stone, June 15, 1995

August 30, 2022
We dive into a discussion about a magazine issue that’s always been a Drewbie fan favorite: Rolling Stone from 1995. We talk about the classic photos taken by Mark Seliger and go through the article written by Chris Mundy, which is chock full of quintessential 1995 Drew details.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 003 – Rolling Stone, June 15, 1995

  1. Hey you two! I just found your podcast yesterday. I’m so bummed, I just now discovered it but also excited that I have a year’s worth of content to catch up on! You two exude Drew qualities to me, both sound sweet,positive and funny. I can go into my fan history with Drew maybe in an email. But, I wanted to at least comment on this episode because this Rolling Stones magazine marks the time period (which I owned at that point when it was released, RS was my favorite magazine back in the 90’s) when I truly became a prolific fan of hers. I was always a fan of Drew it seems, especially since I’m 3 years younger than her. I felt like I grew up with her. However, this magazine interview really made an impression on me. It was just so well done in getting to know her and catching up with where she was in life at that moment. It marks the time period my love of Drew and being a fan went to the next level. I am so looking forward to binge listen to your podcast! Loving it so far. I feel like I found my long lost people haha. Hugs

    1. Hi Yolanda! Thank you so much for this sweet comment – we live for messages like this! We will absolutely be reading this on the next episode we record. We are so happy that you found the podcast and are getting enjoyment from it. It’s also great to hear about how this Rolling Stone issue holds such a special place in your heart too xo

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