Episode 010 – Scream

October 18, 2022
Do you like scary movies? Then this is the episode for you! In 1996, Drew Barrymore appeared onscreen for the first 13 minutes of Wes Craven’s Scream and made horror movie history. Put your Jiffy Pop on the stove because we are taking you behind the scenes of this iconic sequence. We discuss Drew’s involvement with getting the film made, bringing you details you may not have heard anywhere else! We’re also lucky enough to be joined for an interview by stuntman Lee Waddell, the man behind the Ghostface mask for the legendary opening scene.

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Many sources were used for this episode’s research, including: Lee Waddell, Cynthia Bergstrom, UniverCity December 1996, Insider winter 1996, Cinefantastique January 1997, Us March 1997, Movieline April 1998, Esquire October 2001, It All Began with a Scream by Padraic Maroney, Fishnet Flix podcast, Sequels Suck podcast, The Drew Barrymore Show, HelloSidney.com, @ScreamStyleSleuth on Instagram, FootwearNews.com, press junket interviews, production materials.


Our Scream memorabilia page
CBS NY rapid fire questions with Drew
Drew recording for The Simpsons
Behind the scenes footage of Drew’s Scream scene
Scream skit from The Drew Barrymore Show
Drew’s voice cameo in Scream (2022)
Our uncut video interview with Lee Waddell
Lee Waddell on the set of Scream
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