Episode 014 – Year in Review: 1995

November 15, 2022
Is there a Drewbie around who doesn’t absolutely idealize Drew Barrymore circa 1995? We go through this wild and exciting year when free-spirited Drew was constantly in the public eye. Not only was she promoting Boys on the Side, Mad Love, and Batman Forever, but she also filmed two more movies and made the rounds on talk shows and dozens of magazines. There are countless reasons that this year holds a special place in every Drewbie’s heart!

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Angela Hoover’s Drew impression
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One thought on “Episode 014 – Year in Review: 1995

  1. Hi Anne and Ashley! This is Yolanda again. Slowly making my way with catching up on the podcasts. I hope it’s not too obnoxious to leave comments on old podcasts. But I had to on this one because…hello 1995! Drew! I think this is my favorite era of Drew because it always brings back a magical time period in my life personally as well. Being a teen in the 90’s was truly so fun and magical and Drew just represents that so well in the ‘95/96. Going to grunge/alternative concerts and just the free spirited, grounded raw energy of that time. I remember soaking up that Rolling Stones magazine. Drew seemed to be everywhere more than ever at that time. All I watched was MTV back then (shocker! hehe) and looked at Rolling Stones and all the teen fashion magazines at that time and she seemed to be everywhere, and I just soaked it up! I remember also being jealous in a good way of Drew at that time because my friends and I were so into the riott girl grunge scene and Drew was right smack dab in it all. I’m also remember all the cool 90’s dresses, Xgirl shirts and chokers I use to have that I got rid of which I regret so much now. I could go on and on about this year but just the feelings of being a wild and free teen back then just will always bring back such indescribable feelings and this era will always be a part of my memories of being a teen back thenI remember Drew really showing up more than she ever had before. I agree that this was a turning point in her career also. Definitely enjoyed reliving these cherished memories through your podcast. THANK YOU!!

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