Episode 038 – Details, June 1993

May 30, 2023
In 1993, an 18 year old Drew Barrymore was profiled for the June issue of Details magazine. The feature’s photos by Albert Watson remain iconic for 90s Drewbies. And the accompanying article written by (the now familiar to How Do You Drew listeners) Chris Heath is chock full of fascinating information about what our girl’s life was like as her career was coming back on track. We also catch up on What’s New with Drew, including incredible photos from Drew’s 21st birthday that have surfaced in a new book!

This episode contains clips from the audiobook Wildflower by Drew Barrymore.

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Magazine contents

Bonus photos


TheThings Never Been Kissed article
Drew’s Mother’s Day blog post
You Must Remember This podcast episode
Dave Markey photography book pre-order
Tweet from VeeCon
Albert Watson Instagram post on Val Kilmer photo
Article transcript © Details magazine

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