Episode 042 – Year in Review: 2009

June 27, 2023
2009 was a huge year in Drew Barrymore’s career and we’re here to take you through the entire thing! She starred in four films released that year, including her directorial debut Whip It, which meant tons of magazine shoots and talk show appearances. She filmed Going the Distance, reconnected with former flame Justin Long, and was constantly photographed at concerts and festivals. She also went on a many city tour promoting Whip It, shot CoverGirl ads, and hosted Saturday Night Live. And throughout it all, she sported some of her most memorable and eclectic fashion and makeup looks!

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Our 2009 magazines
The Early Show for He’s Just Not That Into You
Whip It tour video
60 Minutes
The Early Show for Whip It
Robin’s Big Date with Justin Long & Sam Rockwell

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