Episode 044 – Firestarter & Cat’s Eye

July 11, 2023
During Drew Barrymore’s years as a child star, she starred in two films penned by Stephen King and we are discussing them both! First up is 1984’s Firestarter in which Drew played the titular role. She then immediately followed that up with 1985’s Cat’s Eye, written especially as a vehicle for her to star in. We get into the dangerous special effects, the formative friendships she made on set, and all the cheesiness of these 80s flicks. Back off, just back off!

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Firestarter behind the scenes video
Drew’s short story from Us 1997
Ryan Kiera Armstrong on The Drew Barrymore Show
Stephen King on The Drew Barrymore Show
Jennifer Ward interview
Our Firestarter memorabilia
Our Cat’s Eye memorabilia

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