Episode 055 – Collecting on Drew

October 3, 2023
We’re changing things up this week with a casual conversation about a major part of our Drew Barrymore fandom – collecting! As we’ve both been collectors of Drew Barrymore magazines and memorabilia for 25 years, we have plenty to nerd out about. Anne is a professional archivist, so she shares some great, useful preservation information. We also talk about the mistakes we used to make in that capacity (hello putting pages on bedroom walls!) and the items that we’re not interested in obtaining. Plus we share our dreams of one day having an in-person Drewseum and being official Drew Barrymore historians!

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One thought on “Episode 055 – Collecting on Drew

  1. Hey, I never knew that my previous mail could become an episode topic. Thanks for mentioning me again. If I didn’t make an email then I guess no episode for this week

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