Episode 057 – Hairstyles (with Tess)

October 24, 2023
This week we are delighted to have our incredible Drewbie friend Tess on the show! Tess has personally long been inspired by Drew Barrymore’s many hairstyles, so we thought it would be a perfect topic for us to chat about. We gab about our fave Drew hair looks and the ones we’ve tried to copy (successfully or not!). We also get to hear about Tess’s Drew encounters over the years in Australia and California. Plus this episode, our segments Drew Loves and the Drewism of the Week are back!

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5 thoughts on “Episode 057 – Hairstyles (with Tess)

  1. Great chat with Tess.. I can fill in a bit of detail about the Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle adventure. We waited for 9 hours to see Drew. In that time , we all got to spend time getting to know each other . I was interviewed for the morning show which aired the next day.
    I was also the one who told everybody in our group about the taping of Rove Live the next day as I had tickets already from a contact from the show. So Tess and Teagan and a couple of others came to the taping in the hope of getting in and they did , which was cool.

    1. Ahh hi Bek! Thank you so much for filling in those details. My memory definitely has gaps, haha. You were so much more prepared than us, for sure!

  2. OK so I was looking at your stuff and I could not find it so so I am seeking you guys out to know. If you can find it, this is my holy Grail of Drew Barrymore items that I have NEVER seen. Except for clip on one late night talk show and I cannot remember the talk show at this point.

    I don’t actually think this clip was when drew. Barrymore was on I think it was when her co start. Is this movie what’s on a talk show?

    The adventures of con sawyer and hucklemary finn.

    I am pretty sure it was melissa john hart on the late night talk show when I saw the clip.

    1. Hi. I’m the fan Ashley’s talking about.

      The story is that I only found the clip on the Internet Archive. The recording was from an ABC Saturday Morning Special from around July of 1993. Also, it’s in bad quality. So, I downloaded it (quality of video doesn’t matter), saved it to my Google Drive, and immediately shared it to Ashley through the app. Con Sawyer starts at around the 30-31 minute mark since there’s a Winnie the Pooh cartoon before it.

      Con Sawyer was originally aired on two parts actually, and it’s a part of the 1985 ABC Weekend Specials (Con Sawyer was aired at Septembers 7 and 14 of the year). I read that it was supposed to be picked up as a TV series but it became a two-parter instead. The one I sent was the first part. Second part is extinct in the Internet for now.

      If you think Melissa Joan Hart was in this, this one also features M. Emmet Walsh, a legendary actor with over 200 starring credits in film and television.

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