Episode 058 – Donnie Darko

October 31, 2023
Wake up, Drewbies. It’s Halloween and we’ve got some ear candy to drop into your trick-or-treating bag as we cover one of our all time favorite movies, 2001’s Donnie Darko! Not only does this film take place in October, but it was also released in the spookiest month 22 years ago. We get into how Drew Barrymore, Nancy Juvonen, and Flower Films became the unofficial godmothers for the project, bringing you all sorts of behind the scene tidbits. You won’t believe how many pieces of the film were only included thanks to the power of a phone call from Drew! We also discuss deleted scenes, our favorite lines from the film (of which there are many!), plus our personal story of attending the Director’s Cut premiere in 2004. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we do and no longer doubt our commitment to Sparkle Motion!

Then, do you believe in time travel? Be sure to come back at noon PST today for our bonus episode in which we interview Frank the bunny himself, the wonderful James Duval! Our conversation with Jimmy was so fun and rich, we didn’t want to cut anything. So we are treating you all to a bonus episode of its very own! We learn about the first time Jimmy met Drew (hint, it was related to an unmade movie we’ve mentioned several times on the pod!), the bonus cameo his voice has in Donnie Darko, cast jam sessions in Jake Gyllenhaal’s trailer, and what he feels is the heart of the movie. He’s as much of a fan of this film as we are and it was truly an honor to discuss it with him!

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