Episode 061 – The Drew Barrymore Show Taping

November 21, 2023
Last week, our co-host Anne journeyed to New York City alongside our old school Drewbie pal Anita to attend a taping of The Drew Barrymore Show! Now they’re both on the pod to share their amazing VIP experience with us all! They get into petting Drew’s dogs Douglas and Lucy, getting warm hugs from our girl that held up the show’s filming, and helping get a piece of glitter off Drew’s nose. We also got confirmation that Drew finally knows about our little podcast that could! We also chat about Drew’s new (and 12th!) tattoo and her first ever award. Be sure to tune into The Drew Barrymore Show tomorrow (November 22) and keep your eyes on the front row!

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Drew’s new tattoo on The Drew Barrymore Show
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