Episode 076 – Nylon, August 2010

April 2, 2024
This week we are looking back at the August 2010 issue of Nylon magazine! Drew Barrymore appeared in this gorgeous cover feature while promoting Going the Distance. The beachside photos by Marvin Scott Jarrett are quintessential too-cool-Drew, in part thanks to Debra Ferullo’s gorgeous sunkissed makeup and Anda & Masha’s badass styling. The article by Holly Siegel sets the scene of a free-spirited and casual Ms. Barrymore hanging in the Flower Films offices extolling the virtues of Pippi Longstocking, rock shows, and Tom Robbins’ Still Life with Woodpecker. This is a really fun look back to the end of an era, right before Drew began heading down the path of motherhood!

Magazine Contents

Bonus Gallery


Jane Law Ever After Instagram post
E! Celebrity Profile
My Boyfriend is Out of Town look recreation
The Tonight Show skit with Shakira
Nylon photo shoot behind the scenes
Nylon article transcript
Our 2011 encounter with Drew at Flower Films
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