Episode 081 – Movieline, March 1992

June 11, 2024
We’re kicking off our new series of episodes covering Drew’s 5 fascinating interviews in Movieline article with the original, from March 1992! A 16 year old Drew graced the cover and interior pages in glamorous, vintage-inspired photos by Greg Gorman. The article, by Stephen Rebello, takes us back to a time when Drew was making her Hollywood comeback in Poison Ivy and was plenty salty about the struggles she overcame to get there! She holds no punches when it comes to discussing the casting directors who blacklisted her, her actress rivals like Winona Ryder, and the unfairness of how fellow actors on had their issues with drugs swept under the rug. She also speaks to her feelings of disconnection from Steven Spielberg and goes totally gaga over a mystery actor she was crushing on. This is a candid and controversial side of Drew that we never really see again after this!

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Firestarter premiere
Behind the scenes of Drew’s makeover on The Drew Barrymore Show
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