Episode 083 – Poison Ivy

July 9, 2024
That girl is poison! Yes the time has finally come for us to dive into discussing Drew Barrymore’s first bad girl role as the titular Poison Ivy. Considered by Drew herself to be the kickstart of her big post-rehab comeback, the 1992 movie has long been a fan favorite with Drewbies. We’re here with all the behind the scenes quotes and tidbits via our extensive vintage magazine archive and years of research. Plus we have a blast rewatching the film and laughing about stick-on tattoos, Sara Gilbert’s spot on narration, copious amounts of LA rain, french twist hairstyles, sexy saxophone music, and the word scangy.

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Sara Gilbert on The Drew Barrymore Show
Footage from the set of Poison Ivy: one / two
The Poison Ivy mansion on iamnotastalker.com
Our Poison Ivy memorabilia
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