In early 2011, Drew finished up filming Big Miracle in Alaska and returned to LA. Soon after, she was spotted with art dealer Will Kopelman on several occasions. It quickly became clear that the two of them had become an item, but Drew uncharacteristically kept their relationship quiet. As she had no acting jobs lined up, she focused on a variety of other ventures. In May, she traveled to Africa with the World Food Programme once again. This time she was able to see how the money she donated had financed a borehole for a village’s water supply, as well as construction of a new primary school. Drew continued working behind the camera when she took on directing duties for a music video for the band Best Coast’s song “Our Deal”. More of a short film, the video starred many up and coming young actors portraying dueling gangs and star-crossed lovers in a storyline conceived by Drew herself.

Soon after, Neiman Marcus announced she would be the face of their Art of Fashion campaign. She was only the second actress to ever be chosen to star in the ads, which consisted of a 16 page spread in magazines like Vogue. Meanwhile, Flower Films prepped a reboot of the Charlie’s Angels TV series, but unfortunately it was cancelled after only 7 episodes due to low ratings. However, Drew herself was about to be seen on TV screens. TCM revealed she would co-host the 2012 season of The Essentials with Robert Osborne. The episodes aired over the following year and viewers were able to watch some of the films that greatly influenced Drew and hear her thoughts on them, including movies starring the famous Barrymores who came before her.

Over the holidays, Drew and Will got engaged to be married. Drew positively glowed while promoting the release of Big Miracle and soon it was rumored that she was pregnant. Classy as ever, she declined to publicly comment on it, opting to keep the experience private. She did however confirm that she’d been working on a wine label for the past few years. Bottles of Barrymore Wines Pinot Grigio debuted in restaurants and on store shelves in spring 2012 to much acclaim. She also began to concentrate more on obtaining work as a photographer, something she had been working towards for over a decade. Fashion magazines including Vs and V hired her for editorial work with actresses and musicians, including Rachel McAdams and Mayer Hawthorne. She also was chosen to shoot a special Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign starring Charlotte Gainsbourg.

On June 2, Drew and Will were married in the backyard of her Santa Barbara home. Those closest to her, including Steven Spielberg, Cameron Diaz, and Flower’s Nancy Juvonen and Chris Miller were all in attendance. Will’s family opened their arms to Drew and she felt blessed to be a part of their family. She spent the next few months quietly with her new husband, during which she filmed the 2013 season of The Essentials. On September 26, they welcomed their daughter Olive Barrymore Kopelman into the world. The couple released a statement asking for privacy during the special time in their lives. They kept little Olive out of the public eye for more than 2 months before choosing to release exclusive family photos to People magazine. And before the year was up, Drew announced another little project she’d been cooking up – a cosmetics line called Flower Beauty which hit Walmart stores in early 2013 to much acclaim

Before long, word began to circulate that she and Adam Sandler were teaming up again. Sure enough, in May the two of them headed to South Africa to begin filming the mixed-family comedy Blended. A few months after filming completed, Drew confirmed that she was pregnant with her second child. In early 2014, Drew released a book of her own photography of heart shaped objects, titled Find It in Everything, which ended up on the New York Times best seller list. On April 22, her and Will’s second daughter Frankie Barrymore Kopelman was born. A mere 3 weeks later, Drew was off on a whirlwind press tour to promote the release of Blended. Soon after, she headed to England to film the upcoming Miss You Already alongside Toni Collette.

Drew spent most of 2015 staying busy promoting Barrymore Wines and Flower Beauty. The latter line branched out to develop a line of Flower Eyewear and Drew appeared in cute commercials to sell them at Walmart. She rounded out the year with the release of Miss You Already, which took her to London and Australia for premieres and press. Then on October 27, 2015, she released a book of autobiographical essays entitled Wildflower. The book was full of many stories from her colorful life, both new and familiar to longtime fans, and made it on to The New York Times best seller’s list.

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